Is Being Vegan Really Better For You?


isveganbetter Is Being Vegan Really Better For You

Is being vegan really better for you than eating meat?

There has been so much discussion lately on the food that people are consuming on a daily basis. I think it’s pretty safe to say that our society is obsessed with food and that more people than ever are unhealthy due to poor food choices.

Of course one of the biggest issues is whether or not people should be eating meat or if a plant-based diet is healthier. A couple of movies in the past few years (Forks Over Knives and Food Inc) have tried to illuminate the unhealthiness of consuming meat. Much research has come out recently proposing for less meat consumption due to greater health issues in meat eaters. And a horde of websites and books advocate a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

All of this attention has opened people’s eyes to a different lifestyle than perhaps the one they grew up with. There’s a great article in the NY Times called “The Challenge of Going Vegan”, which explores this relatively new trend in eating. While they discuss some of the challenges, they also highlight the growing information available to people who are looking to make some changes in the way they are used to eating.

Personally, a few years ago, my diet was a much less healthier one than it is today. While meat was involved, so were fast foods and processed foods. Today, I’m not a vegan and I’m still not entirely a vegetarian, but I’ve learned that meat is not required at every meal.

I think articles such as this one invite discussion and can be informative to those who want a change. I think it also makes people uncomfortable as they may feel that their way of life is being questioned.

“Is being vegan really better for you than eating meat? Consider this article …”

As countless aspiring vegans are discovering, the switch from omnivore to herbivore is fraught with physical, social and economic challenges — at least, for those who don’t have a personal chef. The struggle to give up favorite foods like cheese and butter can be made all the harder by harsh words and eye-rolling from unsympathetic friends and family members. Substitutes like almond milk and rice milk can shock the taste buds, and vegan specialty and convenience foods can cost two to three times what their meat and dairy equivalents do. And new vegans quickly discover that many foods in grocery stores and on restaurant menus have hidden animal ingredients.


I don’t have a position on what is the best for another person, but I can say that some of the food choices I make now are thought out and much healthier than ever.

Have you considered making changes in your diet to be healthier?

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